Participating Businesses 

Receive the following benefits:

  1. A local Independent Representative acting as our liaison between local charities, chambers of commerce and businesses  
  2. Business web page with a narrative of the business to include a logo or photo
  3.  Savings to cardholders with any restrictions posted on each business's web page and/or 1-3 custom coupons
  4. "View Website" Button linking to the business's website
  5. "View Map" Button linking to Google directions to the business's location 
  6. "View Coupons" Button link to an optional popup window containing 1-3 custom coupons
  7. 24/7 presence on our website and service offered as a FREE fundraising opportunity for participating charities who expend no labor or cost to raise funds through our program

All online purchases of our Savings Cards are documented through our merchant services for full transparency with monthly online postings of revenue from card sales to verify that each participating charity receives their $10 in proceeds from each card sold as a supporter/consumer selected Charity of Choice.